Perfect Picture Book Friday

I know it’s quite late, but it is still Friday! And since my good friend, teacher, and mentor, Susanna Leonard Hill was so generous and gracious to send me her lovely new book, When Your Llama Needs A Haircut, what more appropriate way to kick off my debut Perfect Picture Book Friday post than a raving review?? You don’t mind, do you??

And I know you will be gracious about the hour, because anyone that has been painstakingly teaching and researching how to blog and post pages on their website should, indeed, be congratulated, right??

Since it is so late, though, I’ll get down to business so we can all get some sleep.

Product Details

Book Title:    When Your Llama Needs A Haircut

Author:          Susanna Leonard Hill

Illustrator:    Daniel Wiseman

Publisher:     Simon & Schuster © 2018

Ages:              2 – 4 *although, I loved it and am way past 2 – 4, or even 24!*

Theme:          First haircut, School pictures

Opening page: “Uh – oh. It’s picture day, and someone’s a mess. Does your llama need a haircut? YEP!”

Brief synopsis: Who doesn’t want to look nice for class pictures? Llama, of course! Susanna Hill takes us on a rollicking romp as the child attempts to tidy up Llama. With so many haircuts to choose from, what will Llama’s choice be? A cute twist at the end is a fun, giggle-inducing surprise.

Why I like it: I love how Llama is characterized as slightly vain. Although his resistance is revealed through the adorable illustrations, Llama is actually pretty tolerant once caught. I love the expressions on both characters’ faces and the action that keeps the pages turning. I also think that perhaps things wouldn’t have ended as they did had there not been a little interference.

Resources: Visit a llama farm at shearing time. Video to watch of llama being shorn

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