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Blessings & Waiting & the Ohio Christian Writers Conference

DSC02604Well, I’m back from the Ohio Christian Writers’ Conference, safe and sound despite the horrendous weather threats from Cincinnati all the way to Buffalo. Last Sunday, a few places in mid – Ohio and the 90 between Cleveland and Erie, PA were misty, but for the most part, I drove on dry highways.  I’m always amazed at what God does on my behalf. Every time I turn around He blesses my socks off.

I had to wait to be able to go to a conference, then God blessed me through my husband’s support. His commitment to hold down the home front while I was gone left me blessed with the freedom to focus on the learning and connecting ahead of me.

When I became confused in Columbus where the 70-E splits from the 71-W and ended up heading towards Wheeling instead of Cincinnati, God blessed me. He put in my head, “You get off at this exit and look at your google map on your smart phone, girl!” For once, I obeyed, and discovered that the very next exit, 108 – only a very short distance from the on-ramp – would get me back on track with no major trip revisions, other than adding a bit more driving time.

Again, God blessed me during the conference as I met some wonderful new friends, ones I’ve met on-line and ones I had never before known. Not only that, I met up with a friend I made in 2013 at the Write2Ignite Conference in Tigerville, South Carolina. So many warm and loving writers. And the staff at the conference was SO helpful, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Blessings came in the form of wonderful worship music, gifted keynote speakers and, of course, fun spoofs and skits to lighten things us.

As if God hadn’t blessed me enough, He blew open some doors that I only dreamt of ~ despite very bad pitching. I’m excited and frightened all at the same time. I get to do plenty of work over the coming days as I walk through those doors, and then guess what I get to do? I get to wait!

One of my new friends, Amy Leskowski, gently reminded conferees that waiting is unavoidable in the publishing industry. Using Mo Willems book,  Waiting is Not Easy, from the Elephant and Piggie series, Amy illustrated how waiting can be frustrating but rewarding. Using Scripture she also opened our eyes to the fact that waiting is also a blessing. She exhorted everyone to seek the “holy distraction” that God is wanting us to experience during our wait. Super perspective, isn’t it?

You can check out Amy’s blog here. Another tidbit of wisdom from Amy, “Writing is just one typo away from waiting.”

So, off I go to write, and hopefully catch my typos, and then . . . wait. Thank you, Amy, for blessing the Ohio Christian Writers’ Conference attendees with your insight on waiting.

How about you? What are you waiting for? Are you finding the blessings in the waiting?

5 thoughts on “Blessings & Waiting & the Ohio Christian Writers Conference”

  1.    Great post Rene`!! I am so glad we met. And thank you for following my blog. I think I clicked on Follow for yours…I’m usually pretty tech savvy but this blogging thing is all new to me. Hope to keep in touch. Thanks for connecting! Hope we meet again.    So what kind of feedback did you get from your interviews? I’d love to hear. Your new friend, Debby

    P.S.: (Here’s a pic of me so you can remember what I look like…LOL…if you’re like me you met a lot of people!) Write on!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debbie! Of course I remember you! Thank you for following, as well.

      Feedback received was instructional, encouraging, and open to some of my work. I know there’s a long road ahead, but thats why we call it a journey, right?

      Thank you for connecting 😀 Yes, please stay in touch. God bless!


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